Stand united with the Free To Shine

Let’s make our vision a reality, let’s end childhood AIDS in Africa by 2030 and keep mothers healthy.

Together we can achieve it!

We each have an important role in creating an AIDS-free future for the children of Africa. To be able to contribute towards achieving this vision, we all need to:

  • Know the facts about what causes children to become infected with HIV.
  • Understand what we can do as individuals and collectively to prevent this.
  • Act to protect our health and that of our children and our communities.


So, take the first step toward success in the fight against childhood HIV and AIDS:

  • Learn more about the cycle of risk for childhood HIV and AIDS.
  • Share the knowledge through your social media networks to help increase awareness.

Childhood HIV and AIDS: The Cycle of Risk

The Reproductive Years

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Mother-to-Child Transmission

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Children Born With HIV

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