Free To Shine Africa Interactive Map

The Interactive Map has been developed to measure the progress of the Free To Shine campaign towards achieving its vision, to end childhood AIDS in Africa by 2030 and keep mothers healthy.

Free To Shine campaign partner, the World Health Organization (WHO), has identified six measures of healthcare provision that are indicators of progress towards ending childhood AIDS. The WHO has defined interim targets against these measures that should be achieved by 2020. The Interactive Map provides country specific data for these six key indicators and for the UNAIDS Fast-Track 90 90 90 targets.

How to use the Free To Shine Africa Interactive Map:

  • Select an indicator.
  • Select a country.
  • The table will show the country specific results for all indicators.
  • The map will show the performance of the country against the selected indicator, and that of the other countries for comparison.
  • The bar chart will rank the performance of all countries against the selected indicator.
  • Each bar will display the results for that country when the cursor is placed over it.

WHO country profiles containing the indicator and additional data can be accessed in Resources.