About Free To Shine

Who we are

The Free To Shine campaign is led by the Organization of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD) and the African Union. The campaign reinforces the political commitment of African nations to end childhood AIDS and keep mothers healthy.

Our Vision

End childhood AIDS in Africa by 2030 and keep mothers healthy.

Our Mission

Unite people and organisations from local to global level and support personal and collective understanding of the actions we can take to drive the effective delivery and use of healthcare services to end childhood AIDS.

Our Goals

Raise awareness of the HIV epidemic in children and the need to prioritise children and mothers, to ensure that successes achieved in reducing infections are extended to this vulnerable group.

  • Increase understanding of how to prevent HIV and AIDS in childhood by keeping mothers healthy, preventing mother-to-child transmission and ensuring fast and effective identification and treatment of HIV infected children.
  • Advocate to mobilise the resources and prioritise the delivery of effective and sustainable HIV and AIDS health services that are accessible to all who need them.
  • Increase awareness of how services to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV are well placed to achieve wider health goals and improve outcomes for children and mothers, including the elimination of syphilis.
  • Highlight the need to remove barriers that prevent women and mothers engaging with HIV and AIDS related health services for themselves and their children.

Our Partners

Success in the fight against AIDS requires commitment and collaboration between governments, global and regional organisations, industry and community, all working together towards a shared goal.

We believe this spirit is represented by our campaign partnership of organisations that are leading the work to end AIDS. Contributing their knowledge and experience, they stand united with OAFLAD and the African Union, working together to achieve the campaign goals.

Lead Organisations