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Search resources from the Free To Shine campaign and its partners to find out more about the issues and solutions surrounding childhood and maternal HIV and AIDS, and for more on campaign activities.

Improving UNAIDS’ paediatric and adolescent estimates UNAIDS

Youth and HIV — Mainstreaming a three-lens approach to youth participation UNAIDS

Action, innovation and solidarity – Building on momentum to close the gaps and leave no one behind in western and central Africa UNAIDS

Kit de Ferramentas de Advocacia: Crianças e Adolescentes Vivendo com o VIH e com Risco de VIH EGPAF

Boîte à outils de plaidoyer: Enfants et adolescents vivant avec le VIH et exposés au risque de VIH EGPAF

Advocacy Tool Kit: Children and Adolescents Living with and at Risk for HIV EGPAF

WHO Recommendations On the Diagnosis of HIV Infection in Infants and Children World Health Organization

Executive Summary. For every child end AIDS. Seventh Stocktaking Report, 2016 UNICEF

PMTCT Strategic Vision 2010–2015. Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV to reach the UNGASS and Millennium Development Goals World Health Organization

On the fast-track to an AIDS-free generation UNAIDS